For Kids

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The Turtle Who Went to War: And Other Sioux Stories

By Eunice Alfrey, Ann Lambert, Lavina Perry, George White Bird. Softcover, 48 pages.

The Wild Life of Elk

By Donna Love and illustrated by Christina Wald. Softcover, 56 pages, color illus.

Tucker Tees Off

By Theodore Waddell. Hardcover, 61 pages.

Tucker's Seasonal Words of Wisdom

By Theodore Waddell. Hardcover, 72 pages.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

By Ted Rechlin. Hardcover, 80 pages.

Weird Rocks

By Michele Corriel. Hardcover, 36 pages.

Western Pioneers Coloring Book

By Peter F. Copeland. Softcover, 48 pages.

What I Saw in Glacier: A Kid's Guide to the National Park

By Christopher Cauble and Ellen Horowitz. Softcover, 48 pages, color photos.

What I Saw in Yellowstone: A Kid's Guide to Wonderland

By Durrae Johanek. Softcover, 40 pages, color photos.

While the Giant is Sleeping

By Alycia Holston and Illustrated by Suzi Stranahan. Softcover, 32 pages.

Who Pooped in the Park? Glacier National Park

By Gary D. Robson. Softcover, 48 pages, illus.

Who Pooped in the Park? Yellowstone National Park

By Gary D. Robson. Softcover, 48 pages, illus.

Wolf Also Jumped

By James Willard Shultz and Illustrated by Robert Haseman. Softcover, 15 pages.

Wolf Babies!

Photography by Lisa Husar. Board book, 26 pages, color photos.

World War One for Kids: A History with 21 Activities

By R. Kent Rasmussen. Ages 9 and up. Softcover, 192 pages.

Yellowstone & Grand Teton Activity Book

By Paula Ellis and Illustrated by Shane Nitzsche. Softcover, 64 pages.

Yellowstone (A True Book: National Parks)

By Audra Wallace. Softcover, 48 pages. Ages 8 and up.