***View and print your IRS Form 1099-G on our website: ui4u.mt.gov. Click 'View' and 'Print' on your 1099-G link on the main menu. Paper forms will be mailed to your address of record by January 31st each year. Please make sure your address is correct and up-to-date. *** If you get a busy signal when calling Claims Processing, that means all agents are assisting customers and the call waiting queue is full. Be patient and call again in 10 minutes or later in the day. Please don't use speed dial. Speed dialing overwhelms access to the call queue and actually reduces the likelihood you will get through to an agent. *** Update your mailing address when you move. UI mail is not forwarded. Your benefits will be stopped if UI mail is returned undeliverable or with a different address. ***


The Montana Department of Labor and Industry,
Unemployment Insurance Division welcomes you to

This service allows you to file your unemployment insurance claim, reactivate your claim, file your request for payment, request direct deposit of your unemployment benefits, request redetermination or appeal of a decision regarding your claim, update personal information, such as your address, phone number or email address, review information about your claim, or view and print your 1099-G.

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 You will need the following information to file:
  Your Social Security Number
  Your current mailing address
  Your telephone number and/or email address
  Complete name, address and phone number of all employers you
     have worked for since 10-01-2016
 Direct Deposit:
  If you wish to have your benefits deposited directly to your bank
     account, you will need your account number and bank routing
     number for the account you want your benefits deposited in.
 If you are an ex-military member:
  A copy of your DD214, Member 4 will need to be mailed to our office.
     Note: You may file an unemployment claim after your discharge date
     shown on your DD214, Member 4.
 If you were a Federal employee:
  Your SF8 or SF50 may assist you in filing your claim.
 If you obtain work through a union:
  The name and local number of your union hall
 If you are not a U.S. Citizen:
  Alien registration card number and expiration date
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