Off with the Crack of a Whip: Stagecoaching through Yellowstone, and the Origins of Tourism in the Interior of the American West, by Lee H. Whittlesey

By Lee H. Whittlesey. Softcover, 504 pages.
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Stagecoaches carried visitors to and through Yellowstone National Park for thirty-eight years, from 1878 to 1916, and helped establish Yellowstone as a world-famous travel destination. This Volume One of a two-volume set by preeminent Yellowstone historian Lee Whittlesey is an engaging account of stagecoaching’s first years in the park.

In lively, often humorous prose, Whittlesey describes the evolution of stagecoach travel in Yellowstone, the colorful men—and women—who ran the stagecoach companies, and the types of stagecoaches that carried tourists in the park, including the famed “Tally-ho” design.

Along the way, Whittlesey profiles the stagecoach drivers who were “rough and profane but men of undoubted nerve,” and he shares stories from passengers who were appalled by their drivers, the “mind-shattering and bone-rattling” roads, the armed hold-ups, and the relentless dust, yet who were entranced by the wonders of this new Wonderland.

Softcover, 504 pages.

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