Women's History

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A Bride Goes West

By Nannie T. Alderson and Helena Huntington Smith. Softcover, 273 pages.

A Lady's Ranch Life in Montana

By Isabel F. Randall. Softcover, 265 pages.

Absaraka: Home of the Crows

By Margaret Irvin Carrington. Softcover, 284 pages.

Annie: From Slavery to a Montana Homestead - A Novel by Lenore McKelvey Puhek

By Lenore McKelvey Puhek. Softcover, 308 pages.

Ballet at the Moose Lodge: Stories

By Caroline Patterson. Softcover, 284 pages.

Balsamroot: A Memoir

By Mary Clearman Blew. Softcover, 224 pages.

Bedside Book of Bad Girls: Outlaw Women of the American West

By Michael Rutter. Softcover, 144 pages, photos.

Behind Every Man: The Story of Nancy Cooper Russell

By Joan Stauffer. Softcover, 384 pages.

Bend with the Wind - The Life, Family, and Writings of Grace Eto Shibata [Fort Missoula]

Edited by Naomi Shibata. Hardcover, 242 pages, photos.

Best of Covered Wagon Women, Volume 2

By Kenneth L. Holmes. Softcover, 256 pages.

Beyond Schoolmarms and Madams: Montana Women's Stories

Edited by Martha Kohl. Softcover, 288 pages, photos.

Black Cherries

By Grace Stone Coates. Softcover, 99 pages.

Bold Women in Montana History

By Beth Judy. Softcover, 252 pages.

Border to Border: Historic Quilts and Quiltmakers of Montana (softcover)

By Annie Hanshew. Softcover, 240 pages, 300+ photos and illustrations

Boudoirs to Brothels: The Intimate World of Wild West Women

By Michael Rutter. Softcover, 189 pages, photos.

Bound for Montana: Diaries from the Bozeman Trail

By Susan Badger Doyle. Softcover, 272 pages.