Montana The Magazine of Western History - 2019 Spring [Influenza]

By Montana Historical Society.
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  • If you had fought bravely I would have sung for you” The Changing Roles of Cheyenne Women during Nineteenth Century Plains Warfare
    by David Beyreis
  • Roosevelt’s “Company” Man The Political Career of J. Bruce Kremer
    by Thomas Spencer
  • Crossing the Divide from Citizen to Voter Tribal Suffrage in Montana, 1880–2016
    by Richmond Clow
  • The Fight Against the “Huns’ Ally” in Missoula, Montana, 1918–1919 [Influenza] by Ellen Leahy
  • Letters from Louis L’Amour: What I Learned about the Western Narrative
    by Michael T. Marsden
  • My Journey with the Lost Memoir of James Howard Lowell: An Antietam Veteran in Montana
    by Katharine Seaton Squires


Catton, American Indians and National Forests, reviewed by Andrew H. Fisher | Utley, The Commanders, reviewed by Catharine R. Franklin | Voggesser, Irrigation, Timber, and Hydropower, reviewed by Ian Smith | Bennett and Abbott, The Perfect Fence, reviewed by Leah F. Tookey | Kelly, The Hunter Elite, reviewed by Lee Whittlesey | Lovin, Complexity in a Ditch, reviewed by Kevin R. Marsh

On the cover

(front) An American Portrait with Flag, 1979, by Fritz Scholder; (back) The Great Blue Heron, 1977, by Bob Scriver

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