Montana History

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A History of Montana in 101 Objects: Artifacts & Essays from the Montana Historical Society

By the Montana Historical Society, with photographs by Tom Ferris. Softcover, 280 pages.
  • Montana's Centennial Farms and Ranches

    By Christine Brown. Softcover, black & white photos, 70 pages.
  • A Basic System of Free Quality Education: Montana Public Schools, 1972-2012

    By Claudette Morton, Ed.D. Softcover, 130 pages.
  • A Cowboy's Life Is Very Dangerous Work: The Autobiography of a Flathead Reservation Indian Cowboy, 1870-1944

    By Malcolm McLeod, edited by Mary Adele Rogers and Robert Bigart. Softcover, 64 pages. Member discounts do not apply to sale items.
    $11.95 $8.00
  • A Decent, Orderly Lynching: The Montana Vigilantes

    By Frederick Allen. Softcover, 496 pages.
  • A Doctor among the Oglala Sioux Tribe: The Letters of Robert H. Ruby, 1953-1954

    By Robert H. Ruby Dr. Hardcover, 448 pages. Member discounts do not apply to sale items.
    $45.00 $27.00
  • A Great Day to Fight Fire: Mann Gulch, 1949

    By Mark Matthews. Softcover, 280 pages.
  • A History of Montana Agriculture: A Life of Discovery [homesteading, farms]

    By Jody L. Lamp & Melody Dobson. Softcover, 144 pages.
  • A Pocket Guide to Ghost Towns of Montana

    By Jolene Ewert-Hintz. Softcover, 102 pages.
  • A Wild Land Ethic: The History of Wilderness in Montana

    Edited by Dale A. Burk & Wayne Chamberlin. Softcover, 328 pages.