Hidden History of Helena, Montana - by Ellen Baumler & Jon Axline

Softcover, 128 pages.
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These are the untold stories you've never heard.

Distinguished by statesmen and magnates, Helena's history is colored with many other compelling characters and episodes nearly lost to time. 

  • Before achieving eminence in Deadwood, Sheriff Seth Bullock oversaw Montana Territory's first two legal hangings.
  • The Seven Mile House was an oasis of vice for the parched, weary travelers entering the valley on the Benton Road, despite a tumultuous succession of ownership.
  • The heritage of the Sieben Ranch and the saga of "King Kong" Clayton, the Joe Louis of the Mat, faded from public memory.
  • And many more!

From unraveling the myths of Chinatown--to detailing the lives of red-light businesswomen--and the Canyon Ferry flying saucer hoax, revered local historians Ellen Baumler and Jon Axline team up to preserve a compendium of Helena's yesteryears.

Softcover, 128 pages.

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