Found Photos of Yellowstone: Yellowstone's History in Tourist and Employee Photos

Photos from the Michael H. Francis Historical Collection, text by Amy Grisak, foreword by Lee H. Whittlesey. Softcover, 176 pages.
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Found Photos of Yellowstone showcases more than 200 photographs made by park visitors and employees from 1880 to 1940. These candid snapshots reveal hidden moments in the park's history, including never-before-seen views of lodging, transportation, recreation, wildlife, and summer jobs.

The photos were “found” by long-time Yellowstone photographer Michael Francis, who has collected more than 11,000 historic Yellowstone images. Each photo in this book was curated by noted Yellowstone historian Lee Whittlesey, who co-wrote the captions with award-winning writer Amy Grisak.

These images will surprise and delight anyone who loves Yellowstone. They demonstrate how much Yellowstone has changed―and yet remains the same Wonderland as that witnessed by visitors and employees more than a century ago.

Softcover, 176 pages.

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