Cream of the West (Harlowton)

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Cream of the West Roasted Wheat Cereal - 24 oz.

The original and best whole grain cereal! The hearty, flavorful goodness of Cream of the West Roasted Wheat Cereal comes from only one ingredient: Montana high protein hard red spring wheat. This is the original “cowboy porridge” that Montanans have loved since 1914.
  • Cream of the West Roasted 7-Grain Cereal - 18 oz.

    Cream of the West Roasted 7-Grain Cereal comes from the perfect combination of all natural ingredients from the Montana prairies: high-protein, hard-red spring wheat; soft-white wheat; oats; barley; rye; triticale; and spelt. These fiber-rich whole grains make Roasted 7-Grain Cereal wholly balanced for maximum, natural nutrition and richly satisfying flavor.
  • Cream of the West Montana Crunch Snack Mix - 12 oz.

    Is it granola…cereal…or a snack? Montana Crunch is all of the above and much more! Cream of the West’s delicious mix of rolled oats, barley flakes, dried cranberries, flaked coconut and almond slivers is a nutritious cure for your munchies. Take it with you on the bike, for a hike, with a rod, on the run for a great tasting, crunchy, and healthy bite of Montana.
  • Cream of the West Montana Morning Coffee - 10 oz.

    For generations, Montana cowboys have started the day with a piping hot cup of robust coffee. Cowboys and coffee are as much a part of Montana as the wide open spaces and big sky they greet each morning. With Montana Morning, a premium whole bean coffee, Cream of the West brings this Montana tradition to your home from our home on the range. Dark roasted for a rich, hearty flavor, Montana Morning is a delicious way to start your day.
  • Cream of the West Sweet Clover Creamed Honey - 8 oz.

    Raw, sweet clover creamed honey from the best bees in Montana. Spun to a rich, creamy perfection and packaged in a beautiful glass jar. It tastes as good as it looks!
  • Cream of the West Huckleberry Creamed Honey - 8 oz.

    Pure, natural Montana-made creamed honey infused with the delicious flavor of Montana huckleberries. Packaged in a beautiful glass jar.