Arts and Crafts of the Native American Tribes

By Michael Johnson & Bill Yenne. Hardcover, 256 pages.
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Arts and Crafts of the Native American Tribes is an authoritative illustrated reference that has been carefully created to be a companion to Encyclopedia of Native Tribes of North America, not a competitive title. It examines in detail how Native American culture evolved and considers the regional similarities and differences of the arts and crafts created by tribes across the continent.

Contemporary and modern photographs, fine line illustrations and step-by-step reconstructions (including a Plains Indian warrior dress with headdress, war bonnet, shirt and leggings) show the techniques of manufacture and display the skill and artistry of the crafters.

The book opens with concise coverage of the main cultural areas of North America and a survey of styles by region and over time. A major section on the living structures -- huts, tipis, igloos, etc. -- is followed by an analysis of individual crafts. These include; Baskets -- plaiting, twining, coiling; Bone, antler and horn -- implements, tools, pins, fishhooks; Decorative arts -- beadwork, porcupine quillwork; Featherwork -- bonnets and headdresses; Metalwork -- copper, silver, iron, gold; Pottery; Shellwork; Skinwork -- rawhide, leather, furs; Stonework -- arrowheads, pipes, art; Textiles -- spinning, weaving; Woodwork -- totems, figures, masks, utensils, working with bark.

Arts and Crafts of the Native American Tribes is destined to be a primary reference used by ethnographers, historians and collectors for years to come. It is essential for any library serving academic patrons. 

Hardcover, 256 pages.