Home Page

The home page provides users three ways to get to forms.

Guided Search

Users can go through a series of questions that will lead them to different forms, based on the users' responses. Select one response for each question. Select the "Back" button if you would like to go to the previous question. The Guided Search will eventually lead you to a form summary page. On the form summary page, users have the option to select "Go back" or "Start over." "Go back" will take you to the previous page on the question where you left off. "Start over" will take you back to the previous page, but will return to the first question in the Guided Search.

Keyword Search

Users can also use the home page keyword search to find forms and other information. Search for keywords or parts of words to find forms. For example, searching for "AB" will return the results of "AB-26" and "AB-63" along with any forms that contain "AB." Click the search button or hit "Enter" to return search results.

My Forms (for returning users)

To use this feature, users must sign in through ePass. On the left side of the home page, there is a column with the user's drafts and previously submitted forms. This section allows returning users to view incomplete and previously submitted forms. Users can click on the "Drafts" tab to see their list of incomplete web forms. They can choose to either continue a form or delete it. There is also a "Previously Submitted" tab. This tab lists all the user's completed web forms that have not expired.

Forms Directory

The forms directory displays all available Department of Revenue forms. Clicking on a form will expand to show a description of the form and any related forms. Users can click on related forms to view them in the directory. Clicking on "Go to Form" will take the user to the selected form's summary page.

Keyword Search

Users can search through the forms directory by using the search bar at the top of the page. Search for keywords or parts of words to find forms. Search results are returned in real-time.

Form Summary Pages

Each form will have it's own summary page. These pages consist of a description and a list of previous years of the form if applicable. At the bottom of each summary page, there are the following three possible options for users. If a pdf is availble, it can be downloaded here. If the form has an online version, the user can lauch the web form. They form may also provide the user a link to another location. Additional questions and content may be available on form summary pages. These are available to help users find the correct forms.

Contact Forms

The Guided Search may lead users to contact forms, based on their responses.

Web Forms

In order to complete web forms, users must sign in to ePass. The Department of Revenue's web forms allow users to quickly and easily fill out forms. Web forms can be partially completed and are saved to the "Drafts" tab on the returing user's home page. Returning users will see their information auto-populate when completing forms. After users complete all required fields and submit the form, they will see the form on the home page under "Previously Submitted".



  • Complete forms quickly by utilizing the auto-complete feature
  • Save forms and continue later
  • View drafts and previously submitted forms
  • Receive notifications and suggestions based on submitted forms