Railroad-Car-Reporting-Codes Railroad Car Reporting Codes


Railroad Car Reporting Codes for Montana to be used on RCC-2 and RCC-3.

Railroad Car Reporting Codes for Montana
Reporting Code
For use on RCC-2 and RCC-3
Description Montana Default Allocation Rate AAR Car Type Code as shown on railraod mileage reports†
A Equipped box cars 450 Axxx
B Unequipped box cars 450 Bxxx
C Covered hopper cars 250 Cxxx
E Equipped gondola 450 Exxx
F Flat cars (general) 450 Fxxx
G Unequipped gondola 450 Gxxx
H Unequipped hopper 250 Hxxx
J Gondola cars 450 Jxxx
K Equipped hopper cars 250 Kxxx
L Special type cars 250 Lxxx
D Locomotive 250 Dxxx
M M-O-W, scale, passenger, caboose, and end-of-train 250 Mxxx
N Cabooses 250 Nxxx
P Conventional intermodal cars (flat) 450 Pxxx
PA Passenger car 250 PAxxx
PB Passenger car, baggage 250 PBxxx
PD Passenger car, dining 250 PDxxx
PS Passenger car, service 250 PSxxx
Q Lighter weight, low-profile intermodal cars 450 Qxxx
R Refrigerator cars 250 Rxxx
S Stack/well cars (flat) 450 Sxxx
STK Stock cars 250 STKxxx
T Tank cars, pressurized 250 T3xx, T4xx, T5xx, T6xx, T7xx, T83x-T89x, T9xx
Tank cars, non-pressurized 250 T0xx, T1xx, T80xx, T81xx
UNSPEC250 Cars not elsewhere classified (non-intermodal) 250  
UNSPEC450 Cars not elsewhere classified (intermodal) 450  
V Vehicular flat cars 450 Vxxx
X Boxcars 450 Xxxx
U Containers 250 Uxxx
Z Trailers 250 Zxxx
† An 'x' in this field represents a numeral 0 through 9