HI Health Insurance for Uninsured Montanans Credit (2020)


You may use this form to claim your disability insurance for uninsured Montanans credit.


Montana employers who

  • Have been in business in Montana for at least 12 months
  • Employ 20 or fewer employees working at least 20 hours per week


Premiums for disability insurance on behalf of employees if at least 50% of each employees premium is paid by the employer


$25 per month for each employees (up to 10 employees maximum) if the employer pays 100% of the employee’s premium, or a proportionate amount if the employer pays less than 100%, up to 50% of the qualifying costs.

The credit can’t be claimed for a period of more than 36 consecutive months or within 10 years of the last consecutive credit claimed.

Premiums claimed for the Insure Montana small business credit can’t be used for this credit.

Carry Over

This credit is nonrefundable and can’t be carried forward or backward.

Related Laws

15-31-132 and 15-30-2367, MCA

ARM 42.4.28

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