DCAC Dependent Care Assistance Credits (2020)


You may use this form to calculate your dependent care assistance credit.


An employer carrying on a business, trade, occupation or profession in Montana

Qualifying Expenditures

Expenses paid or incurred for one of the following:

  1. Providing dependent care assistance by a registered or licensed day-care provider to an employee or on an employee’s behalf
  2. Providing information and referral services to help employees with getting dependent care.
  3. Daycare facilities acquired by an employer and operating before January 1, 2006.


Dependent care assistance: 25% of the cost for providing assistance up to $1,575 per employee

Dependent care information: 25% of the costs for providing information and referral services

Carry Over

Dependent care assistance and information credits can be carried forward up to five years.

Day-care facility credit can be carried over up to nine years, but only 10% of the credit can be claimed in the first tax year.

Related Laws

15-31-131, MCA

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