Made in Montana

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Made in Montana Registration

What type of Made in Montana member are you - a Producer or a Retail Store?  You can only choose one.  If you are both, you'll have to register twice. If you aren't sure which you should choose, go ahead and click on a selection and a description will appear.  Then click on the other to see what it says. If you don't fit into either category, contact us at MadeinMontana at or phone 406-841-2757.  Once you've made your final choice, click on "Get Started."

If you are applying for Taste our Place as a Restaurant, Bar, or other establishment, select the Producer option. Then select Taste our Place from the category options.  Please list Montana produced or grown menu items in the Product Description.

A producer/manufacturer makes the product or causes the product to be made in Montana that meets the requirements of the program.

An eligible retail store carries multiple product lines of authentic Made in Montana products. This does not exclude the eligible store from carrying non-Made in Montana products.

A producer that has a showroom or gallery where they primarily sell their own products is not considered a Retail Store. In that case, the producer in question should complete a Producer Registration and choose the “showroom” option in their directory listing.

Please select one or more retail options: