TO SEARCH PRODUCTS using the Find it Fast Search Box, click on Submit Search or select one or more of the following filters before submitting search:

  • To search for multiple separate keywords use an OR (OR must be in capital letters) between words to return results for any of the words included.   For example, to search for boots or belts, type in boots OR belts and submit the search.

  • To search for a combination of keywords such as a brand name or business name type in all words.  This will only return search results for the entire word combination.  For example to search for Native American type in Native American and submit the search. This is the default search. 

Categories (able to select multiple categories)  Select a category.  Click in box again to select another category.  Click on the X on the category name box to remove the category.

City (only able to select one city at a time)

Any of the check boxes under More Options

Change search criteria as needed.  To begin a new search from scratch, click on Clear.



Be prepared with your information before beginning the process.  Visit the Join page to learn what information is needed beforehand:


To walk through the registration process before applying try out the demo.