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Handcrafted, 100% Steel, Magnetic Bottle Openers and Bottle Toppers in a variety of designs inspired by the great outdoors.

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Kirk Holfeld
Leslie Holfeld
(406) 599-8904

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Located in the mountains of Western Montana, Blue Moose Metals is the manifestation of a desire to turn Kirk's creativity into tangible art that can be enjoyed and experienced everyday. His love of nature and the outdoors inspire his designs- as does his humor and quirkiness. Each product starts with a hand drawn design and is cut from 100% steel by a computer guided laser. We grind and apply steel patinas by hand ensuring the quality and craftsmanship of each product is a unique piece of functional art. What started as a hobby in 2014 is now a full time family business that cares about offering our customers unique, high quality products. We also care a whole lot about local products and the environment which is why we use materials sourced from the USA and work with local manufacturers and artists to complete projects. When you buy our goods you support small business, happy people, fair wages, and American jobs. We're here because of you, and that means a lot to us. Cheers to you!

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  • At The Green Light in Missoula
  • At The Montana Shop in Missoula
  • At Liquid Planet in Missoula
  • At Backdoor General Store in Whitefish
  • At Rockin' Rudy's in Missoula
  • At Electric Avenue Gifts in Bigfork