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Creams, Lotions & Lotion Bars Body Butter & Bath Salts Cold Remedy Bath Bombs Christmas-themed Bath Salts Therapeutic Lip Balms Flavored Lip Balms Cold Sore Treatments Reversible Cloth Napkins Handmade Coat Hangers

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Sarah Bailey
Brandon Bailey
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Natural Essentials came about out of necessity. All our products were created to meet specific needs that we could not meet with any other products. There are plenty of eczema-relieving products out there, but we could not find one that worked for our daughter. After a lot of research and trial & error, our eczema lotion was born and proved to be highly effective. My parents owned a business called 'Chammomyle Cottage' for many years and I grew up fascinated with how well essential oils could heal everyday ailments. Because of this interest, I am in the process of becoming a certified Aromatherapist. The products we make are 100% natural and made with therapeutic grade essential oils to offer maximum healing benefits in every product. I was raised using cloth napkins instead of disposables and have carried that tradition over into our family. My reversible napkins come in an assortment of colors and patterns and make great gifts for friends and family. Many people in our local community are interested in buying and reusing cloth napkins. We are located in the beautiful Gallatin Valley where our products are made directly in my kitchen! Please contact us or visit our website if you would like more information.

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