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Young's Point Manufacturing produces a variety of outdoor recreation products that include; Steel silhouette targets Shooting rests Portable shooting benches Custom built trailers (ATV, Utility & Cargo) Custom built ATV accessories (Racks, Sprayers, etc.) We are a small facility located south of Billings, open to the public by appointment only. Most of our marketing is done directly to the consumers at gunshows. We do have our targets and shooting accessories in a few retail stores.

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John Schmitz
(406) 860-9116

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Young's Point Manufacturing is a small facility located south of Billings. We manufacture a variety of outdoor recreation products. In our steel silhouette targets, we have 11 inch and 6 inch gongs in both freestanding and a modular system, a 2/3 scale torso target with or without swing-outs, and NRA Rimfire Silhouettes in 1/5 and 3/8 scale (on swinging stands or knock over). We will soon be adding a portable plate rack and two moving targets. All except the rimfire targets are made from 1/2 inch or 3/8 inch AR400 steel. They will withstand impacts from almost any caliber (minimum distance 50 ft. pistol and 100 yds. rifle). One of our most popular targets is our aluminum can hanger. It holds 6 drink cans and sells for $20. We make portable shooting benches and an adjustable front shooting rest. Young's Point also manufactures custom built ATV and Utility trailers. At YPM our goal is to provide high quality products at affordable prices. Contact us at 406-860-9116 or

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  • My showroom, Youngs Point Manufacturing, at
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