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Chadwick Nursery Plants & Trees Montana Seed Potatoes Montana Grass Seed Native Ideals Seed Farm Seeds Glacier Gold Black Peat Planters & Décor Items and more!

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Greg and Karen Chadwick
Street Address:
3010 E Custer Ave
HELENA, MT 59602
(406) 442-3931

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Chadwick Nursery, Greenhouse and Gardens offers a large variety of Montana-grown plants, flowers, trees, as well as garden tools & accessories that are made in Montana. We offer an abundant variety of unique annuals, hanging baskets and planters to choose from. Custom planting of baskets & planters is also available. Bring your own containers & requirements, and we will do the planting! Chadwick Nursery also provides expertise in planning, planting & maintaining your landscape so it will always look its best. Services include consultations & delivery.

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