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Greeting Cards for All Occasions

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Katie Filius

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KTF Design is a paper goods design studio located on the Continental Divide in Butte, Montana. We specialize in handmade paper goods sure to inspire & encourage the art of handwritten correspondence. We use 100% made in the USA paper products. All KTF Design products are handmade, designed, printed, packaged and shipped from our studio.

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Cards / Stationery / Pens

These product are sold

  • Online at http://www.ktfdesign.com
  • At Frayed Sew Boutique in Helena, MT
  • At World Museum of Mining in Butte, MT
  • At Buy MT in Miles City, MT
  • At St. Regis Gift Shop in St. Regis, MT
  • At Bigfork Bay Gift in Bigfork, MT
  • At Whitefish Gift & Gear in Whitefish, MT
  • At Northern Hotel Boutique in Billings, MT
  • At Wetona's Coffee House & Deli in Butte, MT
  • At The Montana Shop @ UM in MIssoula, MT