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Flyvines Bracelets, Lanyards, sunglass retainers, keychains, coasters, dog leashes, dog collars, Chums Flyvines sunglass retainers. Originally developed with fly fishing guides in mind, these products are made for outdoor use. They can be used on rivers and lakes, and are more simple & efficient than traditional lanyards. Use to hold conference name badges then as a gift from the conference featuring a Montana-made item. The bracelets are very popular with local Montana outdoor stores, runners, children, sports teams and groups looking for name recognition or a certain color to represent their cause. Also great for kids because the items can get wet and never have to come off. Hands-free key chains are great for women who tend to lose their keys in their purse.

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Erin Kane
Mailing Address:
210 N Higgins, #309
(406) 671-7462

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Flyvines products are an innovative solution to one of fly fishing’s chief environmental hindrances: fly line. At Flyvines, we recycle used fly fishing line to create lanyards, sunglass retainers, bracelets, key chains & other outdoors accessories. Each product is hand braided and one of a kind. Across the northwest, Flyvines has quickly become the go-to lanyard and sunglass retainer provider for guides, outfitters, and environmentally-conscious anglers. Look closely at rivers across Montana like the Missouri, Big Hole, and Bitterroot and you will see our products in action. Whether you’re a minimalist using our lanyard for your floatant and hemostats, or a gear junkie storing a small fly shop's worth of gear around your neck, Flyvines lanyards keep anglers better prepared and at the ready. Flyvines is run by a small handful of fly fishing industry professionals here in Montana who wanted to do their part to impact our sport in a positive way. We are proud of what we do and we hope you enjoy our products!

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  • Online at
  • At Blackfoot Angler in Missoula
  • At Orange Street Food Farm in Missoula
  • At Headhunters Fly Shop in Craig
  • At The Tackle Shop in Ennis
  • At Fins and Feathers in Bozeman
  • At The Trout Shop in Craig
  • At Frontier Angler in Dillon