Big Sky Candy, Inc.

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Handmade Candies Chocolates & Caramels Brittles & Toffees Truffles & Cremes Family Recipe Fudge Sugar Free Chocolates We specialize in Griz claws, bear paws, yeti claws, polar paws, turtles, cinnamon glazed almonds, and many other candies we invented.

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Michele De Groot
Street Address:
319 W Main St
Mailing Address:
319 W Main St
(406) 363-0580

Info about this business

'Big Sky Candy is a family-owned business located in Hamilton, Montana in the heart of the Bitterroot Valley. At Big Sky Candy, we make our confections by hand, from scratch inside & out, the old-fashioned way. Once you taste our candies, you'll discover why making candy from scratch makes all the difference. We take pride in our work and want to provide you, our guest, with the freshest, sweetest, most delectable treats available.

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