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Natural body care products

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Jen and David Elden
Jen Elden
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550 Pine Ave
(406) 471-6423

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Amalgamated Sope Co. - Essential provisions for life.™ We are Jen and David Elden. We make our products using some basic principles: Keep it simple. Use local and organic ingredients whenever possible. Produce small batches. Use minimal packaging. Add nothing artificial - no "unpronounceables." We use organic Montana safflower oil in every batch of handcrafted sope, as well as organic herbs and organic exfoliants. Pure essential oils are chosen for their therapeutic properties to benefit the mind & body. We also use powerful healing calendula and comfrey grown locally in northwest Montana for our salve recipes. Wild-harvested arnica flowers from the mountains are featured in our arnica oil that is made from a base of jojoba oil and vitamin E. The result is a high-quality product that lathers well, smells great, really lasts, is a pleasure to use and is good for your skin. People love it! Please contact us our visit our website if you would like more information.

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Personal Care / Cosmetics

These product are sold

  • Online at
  • At Third Street Market in Whitefish
  • At Sage & Cedar in Whitefish
  • At Markus Foods in Whitefish
  • At Sykes Market in Kalispell
  • At Mountain Valley Foods in Kalispell
  • At Misson Mountain Natural Foods in Polson
  • At Good Food Store in Missoula
  • At The Green Light in Missoula
  • At Sportsman's Ski Haus in Kalispell
  • At Rosaurers in Kalispell
  • At Sundrop Health Foods in Columbia Falls
  • At Glacier Park Trading Co. in East Glacier
  • At Missoula Fresh Market in Missoula
  • At Orange Street Food Farm in Missoula
  • At Market on Front in Missoula