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Wooden Keepsake Boxes & Hope Chests Handmade Wooden Pet Urns Custom Cabinets & Furniture Our wood products are created from recycled wood like fence posts & beetle-killed pine from eastern Montana, as well as wood from our local lumber mills.

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Lloyd Fine
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PO Box 1359
(406) 250-0285

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Cedar Creek is just north of the small town where I grew up in western Montana in the 1950's, and is not more than a 10-minute walk for a 10-year old and his best friend. We spent endless summer days fishing and exploring old abandoned homesteads along its banks. The big cedars and endless stands of pine with an occasional juniper tree were part of my fondest memories. 'Cedar Creek Furniture' takes me back to those summer days when all I had to worry about was picking the right worm to use on my hook and keeping my eye on my best friend so he didn't beat me to the next (best) fishing hole. I started building things with wood to help me relax and reminisce, then it turned into a small business.

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