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The products produced by our member farms and partner organizations include fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, cheeses, eggs, pulse crops, heritage grains, beef, pork, bison, lamb and other specialty meats, a variety of honey and other value added products, as well as frozen and fresh processed fruits and vegetables. All of our producers are located in Montana and most are Certified Organic.

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Dave Prather
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1500 Burns St
(406) 493-0859

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Western Montana Growers Cooperative (WMGC) is a farmer-owned marketing and distribution service that supplies Montana and nearby communities with fresh and ethically-produced fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats, grains, and locally-made value added products. The Cooperative is made up of more than 40 regional growers and producers and provides quality local foods to grocers, restaurants, schools, and institutions across the state, and directly to individuals through our CSA program. As a collectively-owned producer’s co-op, we work to strengthen the local food system by enhancing the sustainability of local farms and contributing to local economic growth, while reducing the demand for produce and other farm products that are shipped here from long distances. WMGC operates its own small fleet of refrigerated trucks, and partners with other distributors in our region to more efficiently reach a larger population. WMGC was started in 2003 as solution for small, rural farmers to get their products to market.

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