Water of the Gods, Norris Hot Springs

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We offer a cafe menu all winter. We offer an additional '50-mile grill' menu in the summer months that utilizes all 'Montana-grown' meat & vegetables - much of them our own. Our '50-mile grill' menu includes foods that are all grown locally within a 50-mile radius of us.

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Holly Heinzmann
Dillon Campbell
Mailing Address:
PO Box 2933
NORRIS, MT 59745
(406) 685-3313

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'Water of the Gods, Norris Hot Springs' is a great family spot with great hot water! We offer delicious local & organic food and drink, plus live acoustic music poolside on weekend evenings and campground.

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  • My showroom, Water of the Gods, Norris Hot Springs, at
    Hwy 84
    Norris, Montana 59745