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Whole Leaf Teas & Accessories Sweetgrass County Honey Handmade Tea Tumbler Cozies Whole leaf teas (70 varieties) imported from growers around the world are blended with the freshest ingredients available. All packaging is done locally. Honey, Sweet Clover & Alfalfa, is available in jars, sticks or 1-gallon tubs. Produced by the 'tumblebees' of Sweetgrass County, our honey is the 'best in the west!' Tumbler cozies are made from local alpaca and bison & wool fibers by local artists and are designed for travel.

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Riza Gilpin and Laurie Rennie
Street Address:
14 Anderson St
(406) 932-9641

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Based in Big Timber, Montana, 'Tumblewood Teas' has embraced the legacy of the west while focusing on local sustainability and regional partnerships. Our most loved products include artisan teas that carry playful, western names - making Tumblewood Teas the true 'Essence of the West.' Our products are sold at numerous retail locations throughout Montana. Please contact us or visit our website if you would like more information.

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