Parker's Hangover Tonic

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Parker's Hangover Tonic is a Bloody Mary and Caesar drink mix that is sure to please! Not only will you get the same drink every time, you can cook with it too! You can also make dips, marinate meats, add it to your favorite chili, or make snack mix - the possibilities are endless! Remember: "When you feel dead, it'll clear your head!"

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Amy Eisenzimer
(406) 799-3021

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With encouragement from family and friends, I decided to make Parker's Hangover Tonic a reality in June of 2010. I can remember many mornings after a night on the town, going down Sunday morning and having a Caesar. This mix reminds me of all the great times and good friends that I have, plus all the ones to come! Share with your friends - they'll be glad you did!

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