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Cast Metal Art Jewelry Items Mini-Sculptures Architectural Pieces Industrial Parts Automotive Parts

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Steve Funke
(406) 257-3200

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In Missoula, Montana, in the Fall of 1977, Mr. Funke was employed by Alpine Bronze and launched a lifetime career as a sculptor, practitioner and student of cast metal art. After only one year at Alpine, his skills were recognized as top-notch among his peers and competing firms. While managing a startup casting firm in 1986, Mr. Funke was approached by an individual regarding the pending marketing opportunity presented by the 1989 Montana Centennial celebration. Mr. Funke entered into a partnership to produce a series of items officially licensed by the State of Montana. As of 1991, Mr. Funke has been operating as a sole proprietor. S. R. Funke Co. is now designing and producing high-quality cast-metal products of its own design featuring themes that capitalize on Montana's iconic presence & rich heritage.

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Accessories / Jewelry
Automotive / Cycles / Snowmobile / Boat
Home Décor
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