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We produce CRAFT BEERS made in Red Lodge, Montana. Varieties include year-round selections Glacier Ale, Helio Hefeweizen, Czechmate Pilsner and Bent Nail IPA. We also offer seasonal varieties.

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Sam Hoffmann
Mailing Address:
Box 2278
(406) 446-4607

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Red Lodge Ales Brewing Company was started in 1998 by German-American brewer, Sam Hoffmann. Montana-grown barley, Northwest hops, old world recipes, and of course, the pristine waters of Red Lodge, Montana, are combined to create our fine craft beers. Stop by our tasting room and try our unique Red Lodge Ales. You can also find our products at retail locations throughout Montana, Wyoming and the Yellowstone region. Please contact us or visit our website for a complete list of retailers and more information.

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Beer, Wine, & Spirits
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  • My showroom, Red Lodge Ales, at
    1445 N Broadway
    RED LODGE, MT 59068