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Gourmet Dog Biscuits Fun-to-Fix Dog Biscuit Mix Dog Biscuit Travel Packet Gourmet dog biscuits are made with Wheat Montana™ flour & wheat berries, oatmeal, cornmeal, powdered milk, canola oil, ground soy beans, egg, molasses, nutritional yeast, beef base and beet juice coloring. The mix includes fun instructions & a cute biscuit cutter so you can bake your own dog treats! The travel packet is a vacuum-sealed package of 9 biscuits to take on the road or on your hike with Fido!

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Melissa Clark
Johnelle Howanach
Mailing Address:
2917 - 8th Ave N
(406) 453-2531

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Lissie's Luv Yums was developed not only to provide the best nutritious treats for dogs, but also to provide employment for people with developmental disabilities.

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