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Creamy Caramel Sauces Decadent Chocolate Sauces Organic Products – Organic Hot Fudge Sauce & Organic Caramel Sauce 14 time Sofi Award winner Two of our Products can be found in Montana Costco Stores – in a special Costco only size Also available in food service sizes (Note: in the past we have been well noted for mixes of hot chocolates, organic brownies, mousses, frostings, and cakes. Over time we have decided to steer away from our beloved dry mixes and toward perfecting and creating sauces exclusively. We have a wide variety of flavors available, and not all are commonly carried, so be sure to check out the website for a full product list and descriptions.)

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Lila Randolph Poore & Richard Poore
Mailing Address:
PO Box 27
(800) 962-6555
(406) 446-3060

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For over 30 years, King’s Cupboard has been producing delicious, chocolaty, clean ingredient dessert products. Our innovative product development, a conviction to use only pure and simple ingredients, as well as our relentless quest for exceptional cacao products, has led to fourteen NASFT Outstanding Product Awards and rave reviews in the national media. While we are proud of our products and accolades, we embrace the idea that business serves a purpose beyond dollars and cents. To that end, we are committed to our 10 full time co-workers, nurturing the community in which we live by supporting local non-profit organizations and striving to be more “green”. Our processing facility overlooks the spectacular Beartooth Mountains – a constant reminder that we need to lessen our environmental impact. We source local agricultural ingredients to support regional growers and decrease transport distances. We have a recycling program. Heat from our processing equipment is captured and used to warm our warehouse in the winter months and in the summer months, cooler outside evening air is brought in to control our building temperature – both of which substantially reduce our carbon footprint. King’s Cupboard maintains organic certification in an effort to continue to support organic farming and reduce our global impact. In essence, we appreciate our many blessings and are committed to making the world a better, tastier place.

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