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Patrick and Doreen Wyse
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All of the 'Horse Wyse Instruction' is personally taught by the 'Master,' Patrick Wyse. When class is over he likes to relax at his favorite pastime working a cutting horse and his cow dogs. Patrick is a full-time professional instructor who began doing clinics in Canada in 1969. He has honed his skills and continued to build on the principles of Monte Foreman, his early mentor. Monte Foreman was a true pioneer of the modern horse world by initiating the use of slow-motion film to analyze how horse action and human reaction effect each other. He then took this information to communities throughout the United States, becoming the first horseman who dared to 'make a living' conducting traveling clinics. Patrick has carried on this tradition and continues to advance the 'Basic Handle' system through the use of video analysis. Each year more than 600 students are videotaped for their progressive enlightenment and for strengthening the teaching method. Prior to Patrick's current full-time clinic schedules, he trained horses as a teenager on the high plains of Montana. He then competitively calf-roped, team-roped and showed reining horses - winning at major events such as the Denver National Stock Show. Later in life, the cutting-horse 'bug' took over and he began showing and winning major events in Canada and the United States. During the past several years, Patrick and Doreen built a new horse-facility in the foothills of the Big Belt Mountains near Townsend, Montana. Horse Wyse Ranch has a new heated indoor arena, reining, cutting and starting pens, campgrounds and 800 acres of scenic trail riding.The reason for Patrick Wyse's long-term success is that he's a trainer who can teach and a teacher who can train. Students often say that he has an intuitive ability to communicate and translate skills in a clear, concise manner while concentrating on positive feedback. Plus, he makes training horses good old-fashioned fun!

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