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Handcrafted Beers 'Pigs Ass Porter' ™ - an award-winning dark ale 'Beltian White' ™ - a Belgian-style wheat ale 'Great Falls Select' ™ - an American pale ale 'Charlie Russell Red ™ - an Irish-style red ale 'Nut Brown Ale' ™ - a fall seasonal, and 'Elevator Imperial IPA'

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John Ballantyne
Street Address:
7 Fifth St S
BELT, MT 59412
Mailing Address:
PO Box 510
BELT, MT 59412
(406) 277-3188

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Belt is located 15 minutes southeast of Great Falls and is home to approximately 700 fantastic Montanans. 'Harvest Moon Brewing Company' calls Belt home and has named their wheat Belgian-style ale 'Beltian White' after the town. Belt is also strategically located above one of the purest sources of water. Our wells tap into the Madison Formation where constant year-round temperature & quality allow us to use some of the most perfect water on Earth to brew beer. Belt is also located in the center of our great state, right in the middle of the grain-growers that supply our brewery with prime barley and wheat. Please contact us or visit our website if you would like more information.

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