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'Gold Plug' magnetic engine oil drain plugs replace your original drain plug and are cheap insurance for your engine. Your oil filter can't catch everything circulating through your engine! The smallest particles are metal and they can destroy your engine very quickly! Since the oil in the sump runs through the oil pump before it hits the filter (if it has one,) the filter can't really protect the pump. Stop engine damage before it can begin! Don't let this grit ruin your expensive engine. Our gold, rare earth, super strong Neodymium magnets pull out the bad metal debris and hold onto it. At your next oil change, just clean these particles off with a rag. Increasing amounts of particle build-up at each oil change is your engine's way of telling you it's on the way out. A little heads up can't hurt! These magnetic drain plugs are new and come with a new crush gasket to stop leaks. The magnet is triple gold plated for strength and durability and will last the life of your vehicle.

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Tim Patterson
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27 Progressive Dr
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27 Progressive Dr
(888) 578-3851
(888) 578-3851

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'Gold Plug' was created in 2002 when I was unable to find a quality magnetic drain plug for my motorcycle. After a few revisions, the final 'Gold Plug' is the highest quality magnetic drain plug on the market.

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Automotive / Cycles / Snowmobile / Boat

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