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Felco Industries manufactures products designed and proven to increase productivity on sewer, water, utility, and oil/gas line installations and replacement jobs, including our Felco Roller Compaction Buckets, Felco Vibratory Compaction Buckets, Felco Wheel Compactors, Felco Bedding Boxes, and Felco Bedding Conveyor Systems. So whether a contractor purchases one of our mainline excavator attachments, or even a custom Felco built attachment - they can be assured that they have made an investment in improved productivity because our products were developed in the field to do just that.

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Aaron Kellum and Shawn T. Pabst
Deni Sand
Street Address:
3660 Grant Creek Rd
(800) 221-5427
(406) 728-9103

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Based in Missoula, Montana, at Felco Industries we build products that have a reputation to match the impressive Montana landscape that we call home: rugged, durable, diverse, and able to withstand all types of environmental conditions. We are proud of our heritage and to be building our products right here in the Rocky Mountains. Our FELCO logo is welded onto all of our products with an immense amount of pride, and we add a Made in Montana sticker in appreciation for our home state.

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    3660 Grant Creek Rd
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