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Live sheep for wool Raw wool & carded roving Washed wool curls & handspun wool yarn Yarn-natural fibers, fiber blends plant fibers Hand-woven scarves, shawls, blankets Hand-felted scarves, accessories & ornaments Locker Hooked Handbags, Rugs, and Home Decor

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Cynthia Coe
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6726 HWY 312
(406) 373-6542

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Dun a Si Farm (pronounced 'doonashee' - from the Irish language meaning Fairy Fortress) began in 1993 with the purchase of a few acres near Shepherd, Montana. It was only natural that a few Border Leicester sheep were purchased soon after to eat all that grass. I became a shepherdess living near Shepherd with more wool than could be used by one family. The business of spinning yarn was born, and we now raise Border Leicester, Wensleydale & Teeswater cross sheep, and spin their wool by hand using Ashford spinning wheels. The handspun yarn is used to make clothing and household items which are woven by hand on looms at the farm or felted here at the farm. We also use other wool and fibers to make felted and locker-hooked garments and accessories.

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Clothing / Apparel
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Wool / Hides