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Wood & Pine Needles Products Toy Boxes & Lamps Vases, Pots, Bowls & Baskets Christmas Ornaments Old Fashioned Spinning Tops We use locally-grown & harvested beetle-killed woods including ponderosa pine, aspen, rocky mountain juniper; as well as domestic walnut, cherry and maple.

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Dona Aitken
Mailing Address:
609 Old Trailhead Ln
OVANDO, MT 59854
(406) 793-5836

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Dona and Gary Aitken live in Ovando, a small town in western Montana, and both enjoy working with wood. Dona strives to provide aesthetically-pleasing, long-lasting and biodegradable items for the home that are locally made. Each piece is a unique discovery of nature's artistry. To avoid detracting from the patterns in the wood, simplicity of form guides Dona's woodturning designs. The products often have pyrographic embellishments, as well as marquetry designs. Please contact us or visit our website if you would like more information.

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