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• Whole-Grain Hot Cereals by the box, the case or in bulk o 100% Organic 7-Grain – flakes of 7 different grains; oatmeal texture o Roasted Wheat – finely ground 100% whole wheat; porridge texture o Roasted 7-Grain - flakes of 7 different grains; oatmeal texture o Roasted Ranch Oats – thick flakes of oats • Mixes are sold by the bag, the case or in bulk o Montana Crunch – healthy snack mix with oats & barley, cranberries, almonds flakes & coconut o 7-Grain Buttermilk Flapjack Mix – healthy, hearty and easy to make, just add water o Seasoned Breading Mix – lightly seasoned; great with any meat, fish or veggies Cream of the West™ products have no additives or preservatives. We start with 100% whole grains grown on the high plains of Montana, and lightly roast them to bring out the rich, nutty flavor.

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Alicia Moe
Mike Weller
Street Address:
408 Wheatland Ave S
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PO Box 2909
(800) 477-2383
(406) 632-4804

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At Cream of the West we’ve been making healthy, delicious food from Montana grains for more than 100 years. Our plant is in Harlowton, a rural community of less than 1,000 people, nestled in the foothills of the Crazy Mountains of southcentral Montana. Our products not only nourish the folks who eat them, but they also help to sustain farm families and rural communities. Our loyal customers believe that Cream of the West makes the very best hot cereals and mixes found anywhere! We start with non-GMO Project certified whole grains grown on the high plains of Montana. Then, we toast and tumble the grain to bring out its richly satisfying flavor and texture. Our nutritious products are high in protein and fiber, low in fat and sodium with no added salt, sugars or preservatives. Our distinctive ‘cowboy’ packaging is eco-friendly. Cream of the West products are sold in stores and served in institutions and restaurants throughout Montana and the western US. Products are shipped through the US and internationally via online sales.

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