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Ceilon Aspensen
Mailing Address:
227 9th Ave N
SHELBY, MT 59474
(406) 551-0907

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Ceilon Aspensen has been an artist her entire life, has a BFA in Drawing from Mississippi State University, and paints in her Shelby studio every day. Most of her work is relatively Jungian in nature. She usually starts with between one and three images, selecting images that strike her at the moment, montaging them together, causing the image to invoke a feeling of yearning or longing for forgotten or favorite places, or for as-yet unfound places. If she is true to her intuition when choosing images and completing the piece, when it is finished it tells her a story about herself, from somewhere in her unconscious mind. Ceilon considers her work particularly successful when the viewer has a similar experience of the image, even though the 'story' may be different for each viewer.

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