Blackfoot River Brewing Company

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Handcrafted beer

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Blackfoot River Brewing Company
Bethany Flint and Tim Chisman
Street Address:
66 S Park Ave
HELENA, MT 59601
(406) 449-3005

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At Blackfoot River Brewing, we believe in making our handcrafted beers the right way. We use only the finest traditional two-row malts, hops and yeasts, which are individually selected to produce each particular style of beer. This means that we sacrifice costs and efficiency to give you the quality of beer that you deserve. Most importantly, at our brewery the brewing of beer is much more important than the selling of beer. Each of our specialty beers are carefully handcrafted 15 barrels at a time. Blackfoot River's beers are never pasteurized, normally unfiltered and are available exclusively on draught. That's why when we make a beer - it is always made true to style. Hours of operation: Friday - Sunday 12PM-8PM Monday - Thursday 2PM-8PM

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  • My showroom, Blackfoot River Brewing Company, at
    66 S Park Ave
    Helena, MT 59601