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Montana Craft Beers Wibaux's Gold™ Beaver Creek Pale™ Paddlefish Stout™ Redheaded IPA™ Rusty Beaver Wheat™ Rough Rider Wheat™ Mighty Big ESB™ Lotsa Root Beer™ (NA) Combo & Seasonal Beers

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Jim Devine & Sandon Stinnett
Street Address:
104 Orgain Ave
WIBAUX, MT 59353
(406) 795-2337

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Jim Devine and Sandon Stinnett were longtime eastern Montana home brewers who kept getting high praise for their handcrafted beers. “You guys should open a brewery!” was a constant refrain, and eventually they looked at each other and wondered, “Is this possible?” They decided it was possible, and from there it became inevitable. Jim and Sandon bought and refurbished an old, long-unused building in downtown Wibaux (Pop. 461). Once they had the building cleaned up and structurally sound, they set to work on decorating and moving in their brewing equipment. Named for the small creek running through Wibaux, Beaver Creek Brewery opened its doors in summer 2008 with six beers on tap, plus root beer. Since then, BCB has grown in popularity, becoming a regional destination for connoisseurs of beer, music and good times. Beaver Creek Brewery, "Our Beaver Tastes Better!" Our tasting room is open Thursday - Sunday from 4:00 - 8:00 p.m. Please visit our website for photos, news and more!

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