Bear Sauce

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The Bear Sauce is the best of its kind, once you savor the fresh, robust flavors, you'll be hooked. The Bear Sauce comes in 3 heat types - Very Hot Salsa (made with Habanero and Serrano Peppers), Mild Salsa (made with Jalapenos) and newest one "The Reaper" (made with Carolina Reaper Peppers, 2nd hottest chili in the world). The Bear Sauce has been building a reputation among its customers, it not only can challenge the bravest fire eaters, but it has a flavorful taste that will continually draw you back to the flames. A taste that is to good to waste. The Bear sauce was named after the creator's youngest daughter who carried the nickname of 'Bear' short for 'Panda Bear'. She left her dad her legacy of a treasured nickname to use as she no longer needed it here on earth.

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James Martinez
Patricia Martinez
Mailing Address:
PO Box 2521
(406) 885-3606

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The Bear Sauce was developed and created with the intention of a home-made salsa from the Treasured State, it was created to promote the flavorful taste that Montana offers.

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