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Allison McGree
Street Address:
234 E Babcock
Studio 2I
(406) 431-6911

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Allison McGree feels in color. Over time, colors change meaning within McGree’s heart, as she experiences more within this life, and those colors find a new home from heart to canvas as she paints. The highs and lows, light and dark, inward and outward journey of life all arrive on her canvas through bold colors, a strong hand, and an open heart. Landscapes, animals, and people meet within her paintings in vivid colors, as well as the expressionist thoughts and feelings that surround them. Energy is held and balanced through strong and aggressive brushstrokes and the subtle and soft intuitive movements of smaller brushes. A sixth generation Montanan, McGree comes from a long line of Big Sky heritage. Her Grandmother, an artist and McGree’s greatest source of inspiration, held her hand along the journey to becoming an artist. After she passed, McGree better understood the real lesson her grandmother was walking her towards, recognizing the artist she has always been. McGree’s process is raw and influenced by the emotions she feels connecting with the land, with people, and within herself. She lets these conduits of feelings come through her as she first writes words across the canvas and then lets the feelings of color follow through in layer after layer of paint. Sometimes, a painting is done in a few weeks, other times months and years span between the layers. Occasionally, a new experience of life is needed to be felt to finish a painting, the subtleties of intuition held within her art. Allison holds a BA in Fine Arts from Gonzaga University, a BA in K-12 Art Education from Montana State University, and a MA in Holistic Art Programming, Practice, and Outreach with an emphasis on sustainability, community, and public art from Prescott College. While McGree is grateful for her experiences through education, it is an appreciation of the artist within each of us, a heritage born in creativity, and the art of feeling in color that define her own art and her own heart. Allison’s paintings can be found in galleries across the nation. She is available for private lessons, parties, and commissions, as well as artist residencies. To hire Allison, visit “In my work I try to emphasize the enormous beauty in simplistic images. I hope to help others to take the time to stop and to begin to notice simple moments of splendor. I use light, reflections, and bright colors to transform objects from seemingly mundane to painterly and stimulating. In capturing and painting awe inspiring “moments,” I hope to share a connection with the viewer of my artwork.”

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  • Online at
  • My showroom, Allison McGree Studio, at
    234 E Babcock Ave Ste I
    BOZEMAN, MT 59715
  • At Art Fusion Gallery in Bigfork
  • At Wildflower Boutique in Helena
  • At Hattie and Co in Bozeman
  • At Angel Gallery in Coeur d'Alene ID