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Young Reader Chapter Book - 'Spotted Flower and the Ponokomita' Set in the early 18th century when the American Indians of the Northern Plains got their first look at a horse (ponokomita), author K. Follis Cheatham's accurate research helps tell about a lifestyle that existed thousands of years before the horse arrived to the plains of the Northern Rockies. The history is deftly blended in the lively adventure of a young girl who comes across a horse and takes it back to her people. The Midwest Book Review called it engaging, informative and highly entertaining.

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When this book was published more than 30 years ago, Montana author K. Follis Cheatham never imagined it would be a constant seller into the 21st century. It was her first published title, and is still going strong. Cheatham has also developed a related history presentation, which she gives at state parks, schools and other venues. For the second edition of this young reader historical fiction, Montana artist Louise Ogemahgeshig Fischer has provided the cover art and story illustrations.

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