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Non GMO Livestock feed made with 95% Montana sourced ingredients. Grains grown in Montana - Wheat, Barley, Oats, Peas. Montana grown oil-seeds and byproducts - Camelina meal and oil, Linseed meal and oil, sunflower seeds. The feed contains a mineral package and fishmeal that is not Montana sourced.

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Thomas Kropf
Laura Kropf
Street Address:
1195 Eden Rd
(406) 750-1138

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Non GMO Livestock feed Made in Montana with Montana Grain. This feed is formulated by a licensed nutritionist and is made from grains and oilseed products sourced directly from local farmers. It is a raw product, minimally processed and has added vitamins and minerals as well as probiotics and enzymes that enable livestock to thrive. Go to www.edenfeeds.com for more information about our products and to see where to find our feed.

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Agriculture & Ranch Supplies
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These product are sold

  • At North 40 Outfitters in Great Falls
  • At North 40 Outfitters in Havre
  • At Bridger Animal Nutrition in Bozeman
  • At The Little Store in Great Falls