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JP Spencer Gallery - Oil Paintings, Nature Paintings, Esoteric Paintings, Hand Framed painted by hand in Bozeman Montana Shiso Wild - Complete Line of Herbal Skin Care wildcrafted in Lewistown Montana Sacred Walk Apothecary - Herbal Tinctures and Remedies wildcrafted in Livingston Montana Hand Beaded Jewelry and Upcycled Art made by Inspired Natives in Wolf Point Montana Montana-blown glass pipes and accessories Emerald Dragon Company manufactured CBD Hand Sanitizer Now accepting any handcrafted goods made in Montana we buy and sell Montana Made and Native Montana Made items

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Carly Dandrea
Street Address:
124 Shepherd Trail Unit 7
(406) 240-8316

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A gift store like no other! We sell Montana made oil paintings made by JP Spencer from Bozeman Montana, Inspired Native hand-beaded jewelry and upcycled art from Wolf Point Montana, Shiso Wild handcrafted beauty and skin care products from Lewistown Montana. and herbal remedies made by Sacred Walk Apothecary in Livingston Montana. We also sell pipes and adult novelties. Owned by a seventh-generation Montana gal. Do you make handcrafted local goods, contact us! We would love to carry them in our store.

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