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Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) and canoe paddles are made primarily of pine and cedar trees from the mountains of Montana. Each paddle is unique and hand crafted to provide the owner with a memorable, useful piece of Montana to use and treasure. Larry makes the paddles near Frenchtown MT, not far from the shores of the Clark Fork River. All profits are donated to local groups who work to conserve and protect Montana's natural landscape and resources. Buy a paddle and feel good about yourself every time you use it.

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Larry Shadow
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17341 Nighthawk Lane
(406) 544-9577

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In 2008, Larry introduced a stand up paddle board program while volunteering at a camp on Flathead Lake. He observed that the paddles available were heavy to use and sank if dropped by the user. When they began to run out of paddles, he sawed up some 2 x 4's and plywood and fashioned some paddles that were lighter to use and that floated when dropped. These first paddles were functional, but not very pretty. After researching paddle designs and construction methods on the internet, he began making nicer ones for himself and family. He enjoyed the process and the challenge of making attractive paddles from often less than perfect wood. Eventually, everyone in the family had a paddle, so he began to donate his paddles to local non-profit conservation groups. With your help, he would like to continue the work of converting Montana trees into money for conserving and protecting Montana's natural environment.

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  • My showroom, LARRY W SHADOW, at
    FRENCHTOWN, MT 59834