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We are a 100% grain to bottle MT distillery AND restaurant. We produce Rye Whiskey, Rum, Vodka (made from 100% wheat) 100% heirloom blue agave spirits, huckleberry liqueur and a full restaurant menu of scratch made delicious food. We also produce drunken flathead cherries canned for sale / distribution.

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Danette Sefcak
Street Address:
2134 US HWY 2 East
Mailing Address:
2134 US HWY 2 East
(406) 890-2300

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Have you ever had a taste or a smell that instantly transported you back to that time and place where you originally had it? A physical sense that becomes woven into the very fabric of a memory? At Whitefish Handcrafted Spirits we do our best to make that kind of thing happen — every day. We’re on a mission to create some of the best handcrafted spirits in the world. We’re half alchemists, half artists. We distill and taste and tweak and do it over and over until we’ve created something of such immutable character we’re proud to put our name on it, pour it into a glass and serve it up to you with style. In our tasting room and restaurant, you will find the same care given to our spirits poured in to the homemade mixers, syrups, bitters, shrubs and hand-juiced fruit we use to mix your cocktails. That care for quality and nourishing you with love flows from our kitchen as well; where every dish is made from scratch by the same hands that developed the recipes to nourish their family of 30 years with.

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  • My showroom, Whitefish Handcrafted Spirits, at
    2134 US HWY 2 East
    KALISPELL, MT 59901
  • At Most State Liquor Stores in Montana in Montana